Thank you all for your kind words!

Thank you!

Always fun to look at my own personality and remind me to think of other personalities.

Justin Wrigley - Realtor

Great info!

I will certainly be able to use this information when meeting clients.

Luc Bilodeau - Realtor

Valuable Tool!

DISC is certainly a valuable tool for me to utilize in dealing with my employees.  I will use it everyday and also during conflict resolution.  Thanks again.

Rheal Laurin - Owner Your Independent Grocer

Great Team Building Day!

The Team@work was perfect to bring my Tessier Team together.  The team was much more cognizant of each others needs and communication increased just knowing  everyone else's personality style.  Money well spent.

Maggie Tessier - Broker/Owner Exit Realty Matrix. 

Get Real - for Teens!

As a coach of a teenage girls curling team this training really brought the girls together as well as their parents.  

The girls really worked hard at understanding and recognizing each others styles which showed during their games.  The team was definitely a lot stronger after this session.

Don McFaul - Coach

Saved my marriage!

Having married young and no tools to help us learn to communicate we struggled along for many years.  Being introduced to DISC was a lifesaver.  I now knew why my husband did what he did and why I did and reacted the way I did.  Every marriage course should implement this course.

Josee Beriault - Manager